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The Footprint Hub.

Local. Sustainable. Specialists.

Local. Sustainable. Specialists.


Years of Specialized


The Footprint Hub Australia provides design, technique and expertise to discerning Australasian orthotic practitioners looking to manufacture premium foot orthoses.

Able to provide environmentally sensitive production options, we source a wide range of renewable materials and sustainable origins. Footprint Hub Australia gives you and your clients the option to participate in our global future. 

The Footprint Hub Way

Locally Certified

Global skills delivered by an Australian owned and certified business.

Sustainably Priced

Transparency on the social, environmental and intellectual costs of production.

Specialist Access

Access to AHPRA registered clinical design professionals.

True to Scan
3D Processes

Using modern 3D technologies in a clinically appropriate way

Clinically Certified
Product Designers

Design Podiatrists embedded with the larger industrial design teams

Foot Orthoses

Choose pre-determined variables to produce semi-customised solutions

Products and


With the new expectations, technology and manufacturing processes, The Footprint Hub is your way to realign and reconnect traditional clinical prescription methods with modern digital design and production process.

All Products

Fully Custom
Foot Orthosis Design

Choose bespoke design to create bespoke devices, every time

Fully Custom
Device Manufacture

Custom process and controlled manufacture from start to finish

Continuing Professional Development
Education Seminars

Professional Educators providing lunchtime learning and toolkit talks

New Arrivals.

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The Footprint Hub.


because there is no

Tough on Inefficiency.
Kind on Community.

Global Advocacy

The Footprint Hub aims to advocate to all customers and through products, process and services, have a positive impact on our global community. We aim to both promote and facilitate:

A Zero Pollution Footprint
We aim to have a zero pollution footprint by directly (or indirectly):

  • Not allowing waste from production processes being miss managed, or
  • Engaging that old “used” devices are disposed of appropriately

Each Footprint Hub device should come with instructions on how to dispose of appropriately at the end of their life. If this hasn’t occurred, please contact us here.
Charges for Distance
Reduction of access and/or applying an appropriate charge for products and processes with large transportation footprints.
Material Selection
1. Sourcing materials from a sustainable resource

2. Sourcing materials from a sustainable process

3. Selecting materials that, by way of their nature, material and/or manufacturing process, are renewable.
Effective Business Processes
At all opportunities, we look to avoid maintaining or tolerating ineffective business processes that:

  • Promote mistakes & re-manufacture in return for a larger profit margin by law of weighted averages.
  • Maintain inefficient consumption of input resources
  • Through business actions, directly promote &/or facilitate supply arrangements that are not financially sustainable for the supplying community.
  • Cost Clarity

    Where possible the Footprint Hub looks to have transparency and clarity of the true cost of production.

    Supply, manufacture transport and social costs of our products is aimed to be conveyed with each product line you select for your clients.

    Spreading the Wealth
    We are fortunate enough to a wealth of knowledge and opportunity at the Footprint Hub. We look for opportunities to train and employ from people within ‘at-risk’ populations. People at risk of falling outside the societal foundation in some way. Helping up, not handing out.
    Running with Lions
    For us, the profit-at-all-cost business model just isn’t working anymore. From this realisation, we figured that if you want to learn to roar like a lion… you run with them.
    The Footprint Hub is currently undergoing an application for membership to an international league of companies changing the status quo. This consortium of companies aims to promote companies to:

    • 1. Lead with purpose
    • 2. Operate with practices that maximise benefit
    • 3. Measure business performance across a triple bottom line (People + Planet + Profit).

    Prescribe Here

    If you have any further queries about our business or would like to get involved, please feel free to contact us here and one of our team will be in touch shortly.

    Keep In Touch

    We love orthoses. Seriously. So much so that you will find at least one 3D Printed Orthosis on every desk at the Footprint Hub. Our team simply jumps at any chance to chat about them. Now while we’re good at smoke signals, there are much simpler ways to get in touch:

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